Giving back

Social Business

Every day, in our society, we can witness acts of kindness. There are always examples to be found, whether it is small or large.

I believe we can contribute to making the world a better place, and every one of us can instill positive change.

That’s why I donate part of my profits to Un Grupo de Ayuda, an organization in Argentina helping children living under the poverty line have a more promising future.

We can all make a difference and positively impact someone else’s life.


It's all about passion

Giving a hand to someone in need is always an upside, and is one of the many actions we can take to feel better. Solidarity can be the best place to begin changing our lives.

With that in mind, and because I believe Education is the starting point to a brighter future, I also contribute to educational programs by donating my time for pro-bono speaking events and participating in mentoring programs.