Leaving was unthinkable

My story

In a different period of my life, I was the owner of a film production company. A role I was proud of and which gave me the satisfaction of winning several international awards and of traveling the world.

After 18 years in this business, while thriving and feeling passionate about my work,
I realized that deep down, I wasnt happy, and I could not figure out why.

As a result, I started feeling confused, and I lost my outlook.
What I really wanted was not so clear anymore.

A major shift began to take shape back in 2001 amid an economic crisis of epic proportions—a crisis that jeopardized the film production company my husband and I built together. During this period, the pressure was unbelievably high.

I lived constantly overwhelmed by feelings of ambivalence towards all the options at hand — while agonizing over decisions to make about the alternatives to save what we had.
I was feeling paralyzed and alone.

Crisis are opportunities in disguise

I was approaching my breaking point when I saw a silver lining. On a chilly morning after breakfast, I was leaving my house when I paused, and I looked around me. 

In the middle of the garden, I stood still for a while. The world slowed down. A realization followed: I had to let go of my lingering attitude and accept that I would not succeed by myself alone.

Trepidation, nervousness, and fear gave way to a calm resolve and a deep feeling of hope. The next thing was to hire professionals —and following their advice, we successfully manoeuvred and saved the company.

Simultaneously in my personal life, the shift began to be apparent.

After a lot of soul searching, one day, I packed my suitcases, moved between continents, and landed in Germany.

The beginning s was not the bed of roses I had fantasized. I was not naïve but leaving my old life behind —and being twenty thousand miles away from family, friends, and loved ones— was more challenging than I expected.

I did not complain. After all, that was my choice, and I was determined to approach the challenge of building a whole new life and career with stubborn enthusiasm.

Briefly: I studied, become an awarded coach — a job I am passionate about— and I met, made friends, and worked with the most incredible people. Passion and purpose filled my days again.

Curiosity moves us forward

Along the way, I had to learn a great deal, but it was worth it. The process taught me two things:

  • We can choose to change
  • Asking fro professional help doesn’t kill us — it only makes us stronger

I believe that if I overcome this challenges — you can overcome yours as well. It takes courage, yes, but the reward is immense.

My passion is to bring what I learned from my experience and work to help you overcome adversity, define what you want, and move forward.

So, what is your story?

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